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"Great coaches and location! I've been going to CrossFit 2C for over 3 years and have gotten so much stronger! The coaches are super knowledgeable and the other members are great to work out with. I would definitely recommend CrossFit 2C to anyone looking to get a great workout!"

Cristina T

"If you want to improve your fitness level, look no further than CrossFit2C! I was tired of the same old workouts, the slog to the gym, following some routine I found online. So I started at Crossfit2C about 2 years ago. And the results have been amazing! All you have to do is show up. The daily workout is planned/programmed for you and it is very motivating to tackle workouts with the members in your class. The coaches at Crossfit2C are excellent at providing instruction, ensuring that your workout is safe and effective. Thanks to the coaches and members at Crossfit2C, exercise is fun again!"

Brian J

"Crossfit 2c is a great place! The instructors are wonderful people and it is a the perfect place to achieve your fitness goals."

Emily J

"I love the coaches and people in this CrossFit Gym! They are always encouraging, supportive, and inspirational. A year and a half ago, I was a novice and had no clue what I was doing. But now, I feel like I have really improved physically and mentally because everyone is here as a community, encouraging and supporting each other. I am very thankful that I became one of the members of this amazing community. I can't wait to see how this community will influence new people to begin their CrossFit journey!"

Jen L

"Awesome place and people. Definitely recommend this place for all beginners!"

Richie W

"Great people, great location. Couldn't imagine going anywhere else for a workout. Everyone there cares about each other and is more than willing to help and cheer you on."

Gregg J

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